Bahia Watson

Presented by Why Not Theatre in partnership with The Bentway, MASHUP PON DI ROAD is a bashment circus on a big truck—an outdoor, Caribbean musical comedy pulling up on city streets.

Written by Bahia Watson, MASHUP PON DI ROAD fuses raucous humour with whip-smart cultural critique, poking fun at the constraints of the patriarchy, the expectations of womanhood, and the end of the world as we know it. punk in spirit, island in vibe and vaudeville in staging, two ringmasters and their band of misfits take you on a wild ride of vignettes and song, giving you a funhouse mirror look at the sheer absurdity of dis oppressive world.

MASHUP PON DI ROAD comes to The Bentway on July 27 and will also make stops in Little Jamaica & Assembly Park. Learn more at